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With vertical milling processing glass material
Engraving Tools-Guangzhou Jeefoo Cnc Tools / 2012-07-31

Glass belong to hard brittle material, long ago was used in our daily life. In recent years, with the IT industry developed, glass as optical device structure material, the demand is increasing. In addition, in the material development, medical treatment, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other fields, glass as a check of the substrate materials, its usage is also more and more big. These components required glass products of the production, can be roughly divided into two classes: flat or curved surface processing and subtle shape processing. The former through chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process, has established the nanoscale high level surface processing technology. For the latter, because glass has fragile, easily defect characteristics, before, with mechanical method directly carry on the processing is considered very difficult, so is generally use chemical to division hydrofluoric acid processing. In recent years, by using the laser, plasma, etc. Various kinds of processing method, can realize the soft glass subtle processing. But, the processing method by use of equipment complex, cost is high. We all hope that developed low prices, operation simple processing method.

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