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Hardware tools development
Engraving Tools-Guangzhou Jeefoo Cnc Tools / 2013-07-06

Tool according to the survey data, China's current year sales of 14.5 billion yuan, accounts for less than 25% of carbide cutting tools, cutting tools with the international market product structure not only, also can't meet the growing demand of domestic manufacturing of carbide cutting tools.
Is the production of hardware tools and exporter in China, among them, in the global sales of electric tools, for the most part from production and export in our country, our country has become the world's leading supplier of electric tool. Although larger hardware tools industry in China, due to technological innovation ability weak, the market structure is too single, brand influence factors such as weak, many hardware tools manufacturing enterprises often lack core competitiveness, it is difficult to do bigger and stronger.
At present, the imbalance in the structure of cutting tool is the production of cutting tools and the demand is not right. Carbide cutting tools to meet the needs of users, for example, gap is very big, but high speed steel cutting tools production surplus; Modern manufacturing industries are in urgent need of efficient cutter gap is very big, but low standard tool overproduction.
Foreign electric tools market, China's manufacturing scale expands unceasingly, has become a global power tools production base in China.
In domestic electric tools market, domestic electric tools sales number has accounted for 90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand products accounted for only 10% of the market. Domestic market of quality power tools and power tools brand more centuries carved, whether electric tools distributor, is still the Po directly to the user, is face up to the quality and brand of power tools. Market, therefore, the slope of good quality, good brand electric tools. This is a kind of increase that electric tools market increasingly mature.

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