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Tools Knowledge
Engraving Tools-Guangzhou Jeefoo Cnc Tools / 2009-12-30

1, drilling tool categories:
1, straight, taper shank twist drills (φ0.5 ~ φ50) 2, straight, taper shank drills reaming (φ4 ~ φ50) 3, straight, taper shank long twist drill (φ1.5 ~ φ50) 4, sleeve type expansion Hole Drilling (φ25 ~ φ52) 5, straight, taper shank twist drill carbide inserts (φ5 ~ φ50) 6, straight, taper shank conical countersink drill (φ8 ~ φ80) 7, a spiral groove center-based full-grinding drill (φ1 ~ φ6) 8, 4 step-edge drilling (φ6 ~ φ50) 9, 4 blade countersink drill hole (φ16 ~ φ26) (clamp works with the system) 10, 2 blade Step Drills (φ2 ~ φ30)

Second, Reaming tool categories:

1, combination, and senior engineers Steel Hand Reamer (φ2 ~ φ50) 2, Hand taper 1:50 long pin reamer edge (φ4 ~ φ50) 3, straight, taper shank machine reamer (φ1.5 ~ φ50) 4, sleeve-type machine reamer (φ25 ~ φ100) 5, straight, taper shank machine reamer carbide inserts (φ6 ~ φ40) 6, valve seat reamer 7, Hand taper 1:50 pin sub-reamer (φ3 ~ φ50) 8, Spiral Reamer

3, milling cutter categories:

1, straight, taper shank cutter (φ2 ~ φ50) 2, convex and concave semi-circular cutter (r1 ~ r20) 3, straight, taper shank long edge milling cutter (φ4 ~ φ50) 4, semi-circular keyway cutter ( φ1.5 ~ φ8) 5, straight, taper shank keyway milling (φ2 ~ φ50) 6, t-shaped groove cutter (φ5 ~ φ36) 7, straight-tooth cutter blade on three sides (φ50 ~ φ160) 8, cylindrical milling Knife (φ40 ~ φ100) 9, the wrong tooth cutter blade on three sides (φ63 ~ φ125) 10, Saw Mills (φ60 ~ φ200) 11, symmetrical double-angle cutter (φ50 ~ φ160) 12, taper end mill 13, Single angle cutter (φ35 ~ φ80) 14, spiral end mill

4, thread cutter categories:

1, 2 Hand Tap, Machine Tap 3, grinding spiral groove Taps 4, round die 5, rolling die 6, screw plate 7, cone (Column) pipe thread tap 8, cone (Column) pipe thread die

5, measuring categories:

1, 2 smooth limit gauge, thread plug gauge, ring 3, wafer-shaped card regulation 4, Width plug 5, smooth plug gauge, ring 6, the length of double-sided card rules

6, turning, broaching knife categories:

1, square Cutters Article 2, Article 3 rectangular Cutters, Round Tool 4, round broaches 5, round push knife

7, the amount of non-standard cutting tool industry categories:

1, parabolic trough deep hole drilling - straight, taper shank long drill, diameter: φ1mm ~ ~ φ80mm Total Length: 100mm ~ ~ 2000mm, which, diameter, blade length, the required length can be produced. 2, all kinds of advanced composite tools: step drill, drill reamer, reaming drill composite, compound hinge knives. 3, all kinds of high-speed steel, high-cobalt steel non-standard measuring tools, cutlery, tools of production according to plan.

8, carpentry special tools:

A variety of drills, Lou Mills series, finger jointing knife series, floor knife series, the door knife series.

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